nevermind the darkness

I want to run free. To feel the blood running off my hands, warm and water like. Pushing claws through chest cages, ripping out still beating hearts.

It’s such a lovely day with a clear blue sky.

Feeding the darkness but filling the emptiness. Keep on giving me all your hatred in this godforsaken world and I will give you life, let’s build a world where wrong made for right ain’t that bad. Give me safety and I will protect innocence.

Let’s build a world where bad people fear what comes to haunt them, they’ll watch their backs during every step they take on this long way down to hell. Give me a switchblade knife and I will make everything right for you.

I will stand strong and proud, hands stained with blood of those who fooled around with innocence, but with my soul as clear as the newly fallen snow.

OverAndOut [Live.Learn.Laugh.Love]



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