I guess that time doesn’t change things. It just hide memories beneath a thin layer of dust, and just a slight breeze of fresh air is needed to let them show. Like the memories connected to a song, some days you just need to hear that one song and all the feelings och stuff you did back then comes rushing. Sadly it’s just not all happy and sunny memories that comes streaming back from the forgotten parts of you brain, but I guess that you can’t change such things.. and at some point you mighty be able to overwrite them with new, and hopefully better, memories.

”I can see in your eyes that you’re hurting. But pain is part of learning who you are.” I actually find that correct, every person must struggle, get to his/her breaking point and be built back up again to become the most that person can become. Okay, not every person needs to go through that, but a lot of people needs exactly that.

So, the reason why I started thinking about this again is because I heard a song I connect with a lot of, both unhappy and cheerful, memories. I haven’t been able to overwrite them, but to be completely honest, I don’t want to either. ‘Cause pain is part of learning who you are. I learned my lesson from that, and a lot of other, song and I wouldn’t want to change that time for anything in the world. Okay, some songs still give me that bad feeling and makes me feel incredibly small and insecure. But at some point, I hope since I like these songs, I will be able to listen to that/those songs and not feel the same way I did back then.

I don’t know if you have changed the memories connected with that song, but if, I sure hope that they’re happy ones. Panthera – Cemetery Gates <3


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