Haven’t had much on my mind lately. I’ve got a few (2!) days of work left, it’s kinda sad since I really like doing what I’m working with atm. But then again, after that comes a week of vacation when I can just relax and catch up with friends/do some stuff that needs to be done. And then I’m back to UAS. In my opinion this summer has gone waaay to quickly, I haven’t been able to see as much people as I’ve wanted to, but oh well.

One other thing, you know that feeling when you check who’s online just to see if that one person is online, and then he/she comes online? Then you just want to talk to that person, but you don’t know what to say and you just starts talking jibberish, it’s highly disturbing. The thing is that I have no extra interest in that person.. it’s just fun to talk with somebody, somebody who makes you laugh but you still can talk ”serious” matters with each other. And not that I’m saying that this person wouldn’t have become a quite important person to me during this short time that we’ve know each other.

Soon school starts and I’m going to be drowning in stuff to do, aah, what a joy. And I’ll get to see people that I’ve missed during summer.. and meet some new people. This might become a quite an interesting year. Partly ‘cause I’m going to have a lot of courses in English (sustainability of …something), I’m quite exited. But it will be a bit difficult to understand what people are saying, not ‘cause English is hard to understand, but ‘cause there will be a lot of people from all over the world speaking with a lot of accents. But then again, hopefully I’ll pick up a thing or two.

Soon a couple of my friends are going to Canada, those bastards, and it will be a bit odd to be in school without them (it’s just for a few days, but still). I hope they’ll have a blast (:

Aaand.. I should really go check out my legs, they’re weird o.O when applying even slight pressure on my shin it forms a dimple, kinda odd I think. But it doesn’t hurt, so we’ll see about going anywhere to show it to strangers. But now..




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