While out smoking on the porch I realized that time really flies by when you’re having fun, I won’t spend my morning with my family, I haven’t got anything ”fun” for breakfast and that it’s sad that I tomorrow need to get up quite early to finish  things.

One year ago, precise, I sat up almost the whole night in Tallinn.. shearing a bottle of Kossu and thoughts with my  my father, at that point my brother had already went to bed and my mother had passed out due to all of her jumping on the hotel bed. The next morning I got to wake up in a big fluffy warm bed, aaah the luxury, and got hotel-breakfast. When coming to the table that morning I told my parents that ”Ha ha! I can have potato hash for breakfast if I want to!” and everybody looked at me, asking ”Aaand? What’s so special about today?”, those bastards had forgotten my birthday. It was a fun day thou.

My point being; another year has passed with hyper speed, and tomorrow I’m going to have to clean and make cakes.



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