So… Hi?

So.. it’s been almost a month since my last post, but what can I say.. I’ve got other things to do from time to time. Okay, enough with the excuses, I really bad at keeping up this writing stuff.

What I’ve been up to? Well.. I’ve been living a student’s life so to speak. Been up way to late, consumed way to much alcohol, attended classes (some mentally, some physically and some both) and laughed ‘til I’ve cried.

Some reflections from the past weeks/the summer: Have I changed? My personality, am I much easier to talk to? My appearance, am I prettier nowadays? Why have people started to look at me, why the comments on my looks? Am I so different from what I were? I think I’m mostly the same as always. Okay, I get why people you know say things, since people you like always look better to you than to some one else, but why the randoms, what’s so new with me?

So, related to that, back to last Wednesday. Saw a guy I met a couple months ago on a cruise, back then he had lovely long hair. Nice looking guy if we but it that way. He was quite keen on taking me with him so to speak, but I had other plans. But anyway, last time.. well.. some things led to another and.. yeah. Back to point.

Found out today that he’s engaged and has a one year old daughter. I’m still like wtf? What kind of guy is that? Is that usual? Or is it just that I’m still so fucking naive that I believe that when in a relationship, and engaged for that matter (!), you should be faithful? If it’s so fucking hard to be faithful, or for that matter at least tell the person you’re about to go home with/drag home with you that you’re in a relationship, then you shouldn’t be in  a relationship, douchebag.

But okay, over all it was a quite nice evening. Got really really mad at a fucking idiot, but I played it cool and didn’t start a fight. Hurray for me (and for that jerk I guess). Feels great to be home again.

From here on it might be that the post will be a bit random, both on when I post them and in what language the are written. I’m thinking that I’ll start posting on what ever language I feel like at that moment.




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