We’re not gonna live forever. Can you tell me, is it now or never? I’m not gonna make up your mind.

I’m confused, again. I don’t know anymore. I should simply get on with it and just ask, but do I want to know the answer? Do I really wanna know?

The reason why I have a have a problem to get on with this is the fact that I’m afraid that I’m already way to attached and will get hurt by the answer.

But main reason why I should ask is the fact that it’d make my life a lot easier to know the answer, I would know where I stand.. were we stand. I would know what rules to play with, what I have to expect, how much I should count on this. But if I ask, how much will it affect everything?

Aaaaaargh. I guess I’m just simply too scared and weak to grow a spine, ask and take the hit if there’s one coming towards me.

All these god damned Pro’s and Con’s, I hate them.




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