Inspiration-boost vol.?

Twisting, turning, the ability to break.

If you knew how much I bend, turn and break, myself, my everything.

I’m sorry to say this, but at this point my happiness is much more important than yours.

And if you can’t stand what I do, you clearly have no clue what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Love is as much a war as constant smiles and butterflies, and you know, I am never going to fall in line.

Never is anybody going to break me down to the nothingness I once were.

But if you fight by my side you know I’ll take your battles as well.

For your happiness.

For your honor.

Fight with me, not against me, and you know you’ve gotten yourself a brother-in-arms, for eternity.

No matter what.

Har tänkt ganska mycket senaste tiden, men jag vägrar tappa min tro. This is me my friend, take it or leave it.



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