Inspiration from way back

Hittade något som jag skrev något tag under förra läsåret.

As you walk through the wally of death, you shall feel no fear. By your side there’s light. As the night seems to be darkest, remember that the sun will rise, again and again.

– – –

Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the one you are or do you see the shell you show everybody else? Are you everything you can be?

– – –

While watching the world pass by you try to scream, but can’t make any sound, chained to the ground, broken wings, you can’t flee. You can’t run.

You are the chains keeping you here. If you are too scared to fight a war against yourself, how can you life in a world were it’s you against everybody else?

Can you take hit after hit, and every time jump back up, dust yourself off, smile and tell them that you’re still better than they are?

Are you ready for the mean world outside?

The strongest is not the one who never falls but the one who always gets back up.


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