Today I’m gonna do something that I haven’t done for years, I’m gonna give up. I’ve never been a big fan of giving up, always been for fighting for what you believe in. But what do you do when you’ve lost sight of the goal and the struggle doesn’t seem worth it? This is it, I can’t take it anymore. It hurts, but I can’t stand it anymore.

I’ve been trying to make you see that you’re losing on this deal, you’ll get hurt in the end with this, trying to make you see the risk that you’re taking by saying that you need to be sure. And for all I really hope you made the right choice and won’t change your mind anymore, for I’m not a person that waits.

I understand your insecurity, I do, but you can’t drag up that you would risk your life on the front-lines when I say that you’re afraid. Feelings are something you have to live with your whole life, and the thought of possible death (if it’s you’re own choice) is not nearly as hard to live with if everything gets wrong.

So, I hope you’ve made the right choice. And I hope you’re consistent with it.

‘Cause I’m done trying, and it hurts. This time the ball is all in you court, I’m done playing this game. I’m going to move on no matter what you say about your insecurity in this.

Mitt uppdaterande har återgått till sitt vanliga sporadiska tempo, but at some point I will return. Cheers.



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