Make it cosmic

I brist på material att lägga upp här/inspiration så vill jag dela med mig av ett uttag av en av de nutida dikter som jag personligen fäst mig mycket vid. Orsaken misstänker jag vara att den för min part känns mycket äkta.

A Poem: Kiss, kiss, bang, bang.


Say a fucking prayer and then say one more for her.

Let tongues guide secrets and stories of before this instance into bloodstream, into bowels, into pulsing brain waves.

It is the only way for some things to be shared.

There are goddesses who must be kissed between the loops of Orion’s belt,

entangle Cassiopeia and make it Cosmic.

Create intergalactic group make out session that leads into milky way lovemaking,

with my milk leading the way for fusion of constellations followed by rapture.

Kiss a Goddess once and you will always know what God tastes like,

be a kiss ninja.

Kisses are for girls, women, muses, goddesses, warriors, witches, spinsters, alchemists, semi drunken sages

and all those who believe that exactly where you are is where you’ve always needed to be.

Kissing is for poets, dreamers, motorcycle rebels, day laborers, night crawlers, early birds, and bridge walkers…

A kiss is always just a kiss,

until it is both sunrise and sunset.

Know the difference.

Sidan jag tagit den från heter Autostraddle. De bestriver sig som följande ”…is an intelligent, hilarious & provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for a new generation of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends) …”.  Check it out! Ger mycket info om många saker som man kanske inte känner sig direkt bekväm med att fråga vem som hellst, ett fint bevis på hur folk håller ihop helt enkelt.



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