Ett inlägg om allt och ingenting

Kan, och tänker inte, skriva ut helt exakt vad jag tänker… men här kommer i alla fall en liten uppsättning av ord och meningar som fastnat i huvudet under den senste tiden, både av eget material och sådant jag stött på…

– – –

Mina tankar

I no longer know what my heart does when I see you… When I see you in person, you wonderful smile, it just skips a beat. But when I see you, revealing your soul with all your hurt and joy, it feels like someone hits the air out of me. It hurts, but I’m forced to smile, ‘cause you’re such a wonder, a beautiful creature in a beautiful time in a beautiful world.

I wish you could talk to me more freely, reveal in person what’s going on in that head of yours, ‘cause I see your pain, but I can’t break a wall you won’t let me close to. Don’t let all of this, us, come in your way, talk freely and set yourself free.

It might never become anything out of this, this might all just be a mistake, there might never be an ‘us’. But know, now and from here on ‘til the end of time: I will stand by your side when you need it. Always.

– – –

Andras tankar som känns som mina tankar

I fell for your thoughts, the way you said my name, how you make me speechless.

I ache to be inside your mind, hear the whisper of every thought, get lost in your deepest desires.

I want you lying down next to me, caressing the soft curves of my face, running your fingers down my back.

I fell for you. I ache for you. I love you.

Author: Anon.





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